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Digital Nomad FAQ

Hey Liam, How are You Doing!

Just 3 short years ago I had a grueling 80 hour a week work schedule, crazy commutes, and feel-guilty-while-i’m-on vacations. This past winter I spent my days traveling, editing files under a beach umbrella during the lunchtime siesta. Sipping on my hurricane cocktail, I thought to myself … how did I get here?

I’ve spent years working at big firms with big clients and big overhead. The thing about working big … its expensive! The shoes, gas, car upkeep, eating out, trips to Starbucks, dry cleaning, and worst of all paying for this stuff with after-tax dollars…

One morning, I destroyed the snooze button on my defenseless alarm clock! Shortly afterwards feeling burned out of life in the city, I left my crazy high-paying ad job for good and for the world of the unknown.  I needed to have complete control over MY life.

Enter The Digital Nomad, which as Wiki explains is “someone who uses technology and the internet to work remotely—from home, the coffee shop, internet cafe, or even to collaborate remotely with teams anywhere in the world.”

So the next thing was to find a Digital Nomad friendly way to make a living, There’s an app … I mean JOB for that!  Apple has created an amazing eco-system for Digital Nomads. I’ve been fortunate to work on my apps, on my own time, from all over the world!

With internet access and a good computer you can do anything from anywhere, no longer do you need to be tied down in a big expensive city when you can do the exact same work in remote locations for a fraction of the cost. The world is a big place … there are many places where you can live comfortably for as little as $500/month.

Remember, it’s not work if you love what you do :)


Dee Jones
(for my other apps!)

PS Do you have any feedback … or ideas for an app? I would love to hear from you!